6 Things To Know Before you Choose the Perfect Villa in Bali 6 Things To Know Before you Choose the Perfect Villa in Bali
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6 Things to Consider Before you Choose your Perfect Villa in Bali


If you’ve already got your heart set on staying in a luxurious villa in Bali, you’ll come to find that there are literally thousands of places to choose from which could either make or break your holiday.

From verifying the villa owners to going through a secure payment method, there’s definitely plenty of hiccups that could happen prior to your arrival in Bali. And after years of being in the hospitality industry, we’d definitely advise having a checklist before making your booking. So here’s 6 tips that we can give before picking the perfect villa for your holiday:

1. Check whether tax and service charges are included in the price. Some villas display prices without the taxes, which means you might get an unpleasant surprise when you receive a bill that is 20 percent higher than expected! So do check on whether the prices are tax inclusive prior to making your booking.

2. Check the location of the villa on a map. Even though it may be officially located in one of the major towns it can be some distance from the center. This is often a good thing, as the best locations are often outside the town center. This will allow you to experience the authentic and peaceful side of Bali. However if you expected to be able to walk to restaurants and shopping you might be disappointed. So depending on what you’re after for your holiday, always check out the location.

3. Check how old the villa is. It’s good to ask if the villa photos shown are current or dated. In fact, don’t be afraid to ask when the villa was built and if it has old damp smells. And to be extra cautious, check with other review sites like Tripadvisor and also for the owner’s other properties.  Getting to know what other properties the owner manages will give you an idea on how he/she operate across the board. You will find good owners will be mentioned in many of the reviews.

4. Check if you’re dealing directly with the owner. Best to deal direct with the villa owner rather than an agent. It is safer, you have a direct source if you have any questions or requests. Not many villas are owner operated so when you find them it is a great tool to look into reviews online to confirm they are good to deal with.

5. Check if the staff on call for you speak fluent English. Service is something that people tend to overlook. They normally just look for a great villa without thinking about the staff that come with it. From our experience, there’s no point in having a great villa if the staff don’t speak any English and can’t answer your questions when you ask them. This will definitely bring discomfort to your holiday especially if an emergency happens. So before booking, confirm that the villa has English speaking staff and verify with reviews online to see other guest feedback regarding service. It’s a must!

6. Check on owners payment method. Always make sure you’re using a secure payment method before making your booking. Unlike bank wire or Western Union transfers, PayPal is traceable so you can at least attempt to identify the email address used. So be sure to request for a trusted payment method and if the owner refuses to do so, best to be safe and try another villa that will!

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